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Creamy Line Regular Line
Creamy Line Regular Line

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What is the difference between regular line and creamy line?

Overall, there isn’t much difference. They are both wax-based paints with vibrant colors. Experienced face and body painters can create beautiful designs with both lines.

Creamy Line


· They contain more glycerine, therefore they are greasier, and provide good coverage over a large area of background without cracking after the paint dries;

· They are better for stenciling with low risk of smudging;

· They are easier to blend with different colors;

· They have a couple of special colors, such as the Essential Magenta, PH Blue, Rose (Dark Burgundy), Pearly Bright Blue, Pearly White, etc


· They need more water and a little more time to activate;

· Line work is not as bold when using the black and white colours of the regular line.

Regular Line


· Better for line work especially with black and white;

· Easier to activate the paint and apply onto skin;

· provides more different kind of split cakes.


· It might crack if applied too thickly onto skin over a large area;

· The paint needs to be very dry on sponges when stenciling.