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Face Paint Powder & Glitter Powder

Face paint powder is often applied evenly across the skin to create a base over which you can apply other face paints. Many professional artists use powders to create a backdrop of color for elaborate designs, but you may also use neutral colors that don't grab attention. Not only does this ensure that the entire face is covered in color, but it also helps keep the overlying paint job fresh and vivid for a longer period of time.

If you want to add a splash of sparkle and shine to your face paint design, consider using glitter powder. You can create a shimmering base with these powders or add them to select areas of your paint design or a subtle spark where needed.

If you are creating special effects that require an authentic metallic shine, consider using Mehron metallic powder. Whether you use copper or bronze, you will quickly transform any face into a brilliant sheen that gives a realistic look to your special effects. Mehron gem powder is another option if your special effects require a metallic sheen with more color options. Select from a variety of gems from aquamarine to peridot and pearl.

If you don't find the colors you eed in our selection of Mehron face paint powders, consider a cake of Snazaroo glitter powder. Both of these brands are leaders in the face paint market and offer professional-quality colors that apply easily.

Mehron Mixing Liquid 4.5 oz
Our Price: CAD $ 8.50