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Professional, Non-Toxic Body Glue
Body glues are a necessary tool of the trade for a tattoo or face painting artist. They can be used in a multitude of fashions, and having a high quality glue is imperative. All of the glues that we carry are non-toxic body glues, dermatologist tested and safe on skin. This information is important for all clients, but especially so when doing tattoos or face or body painting on children. Body glue is used by tattoo and face painting artists for adhering colorful gems to the skin, or in the application of patterned glitter tattoos. We offer two of the best brands of body glue: Moonlight and Kryvaline. The Moonlight body glues are available in two sizes: 10 ml or 30 ml. The Kryvaline body glue come in a 10 ml bottle. When using the glue to affix gems to the skin, it is good practice to apply the glue to both the gem and directly to the skin to ensure a good level of adhesion. Be sure that you only use synthetic brushes when applying body glues; they will ruin your favorite natural hair brush. The glues have sticks attached to the caps, like a nail polish applicator, so we don’t need another brush to apply the glue on the skin and the gem.

Kryvaline Body Glue 10ml Kryvaline Body Glue 20ml (Refill)
Kryvaline Body Glue 10ml
Our Price: CAD $ 4.99